Lockdown = over-eating

Somewhere in March 2020, here in Australia, things were locked down due to Covid 19.

This massive change triggered my over-eating obsession. Every day (lunch time), I would buy a large ammount of food, and gorge myself.

I first noticed the obsession with food around age 19. I was addicted to chocolate and would eat large ammouts each day. This also included other unhealthy foods as well as chocolate.

This problem was a three fold issue…

1. Addiction to drugs and alcohol.

2. Addiction to over-eating.

3. Sex and love addiction.

All three were out of control big time. They would also effect all aspects of my life.

I vividly remember me as a young child, being obsessed with sweets. If I heard a wrapper, I would come running to see if it was sweets. My family used to laugh at me because of my behavior.

So back to the lockdown….i felt like I had nothing to look forward to, and that’s when I turned to food.

I’ve put on about 1o to 15 kilograms!!!

My correct weight should be between 80 and 85 kilograms.

So I’m finally addressing the issue head on.

I fast between breakfast and diner, thus avoiding the huge meal at lunch time. This seems to be working, for now, so I will stick to it.

I’ve heard that other people are also putting on weight with the lockdown…which is very understandable. It’s a stressful time for all of us.

By writing this, I’m hoping that it will help with my commitment.


food is not my friend

I’ve had an eating disorder since I was 16…(when I left home).

consists of ‘binge eating’ or ‘compulsive overeating’.

there have only been two periods in my life when my body mass index BMI

has been ok.

  1. when I was on a strict macrobiotic diet , for a year.
  2. was when I was a fitness instructor, in my mid twenties and early thirties.

the rest of the time I’ve been overweight.

eating disorder

I’ve had periods of bulimia in my twenties (binging and then purging). these periods have been very extreme and unhealthy.

so when I say ‘food is not my friend’. I mean that I don’t like food or enjoy food, because of the eating disorder.

I’ve had hundreds of meals of potato chips, followed by chocolate…and hundreds of meals of blue-vein cheese and rice crackers. ever scary!
sometimes this can go on for months…

I did go to overeaters anonymous for a while, but it was 99.9% women, so wasn’t helpful, as I didn’t fit it.

I don’t like programs about cooking, except for Heston. I find him ‘down to earth’ and his programs are very interesting in terms of the whole ‘food experience’ instead of just cooking.

the reason I’m writing this post, is, I’m making a big effort to get back to my BMI, which is 80 kilograms.

sugar is my biggest trigger.
tests have clearly shown that when you have sugar, i.e. pop/soda/sweet drinks, you are more likely to overeat.