the cold war

PrintMARCH 6, 2017 ISSUE TRUMP, PUTIN, AND THE NEW COLD WAR What lay behind Russia’s interference in the 2016 election—and what lies ahead? By Evan Osnos, David Remnick, and Joshua Yaffa 1. SOFT TARGETS On April 12, 1982, Yuri Andropov, the chairman of the K.G.B., ordered foreign-intelligence operatives to carry out “active measures”—aktivniye meropriyatiya—against the reëlection […]

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Technology today is the campfire around which we tell our stories. There’s this attraction to light and to this kind of power, which is both warm and destructive. We’re especially drawn to the power. Many of the images of technology are about making us more powerful, extending what we can do. Unfortunately, 95 percent of this is hype, because I think we’re powerful without it.

– Laurie Anderson