I had a dream…

Last night I had a most unusual dream.

I was friends with someone who was into ‘high fashion‘, and he would take me to these places that have very expensive clothes. He would take me to these stores and he would buy stuff. there was a big rush at the store, and we had to squish up. he also did a lot of shoplifting, which was so strange.

I couldn’t afford anything, and i couldn’t find anything i liked.

At the end of the dream one of the staff said to me: “the clothes you wear are worth no more than the dumpsters you photograph.” 




the 21st century disease

Although narcissism has been with us since the beginning of humanity, I really think that it’s hitting its peak this century.

I don’t have a car, so have to use public transportation…

This means I’m subjected to narcissistic behavior each time I travel on public transport.

People will literally share (broadcast) their lives while talking on the phone, on public transport….and we are all forced to listen. a captive audience!

Just like codependency, we all have some level of narcissism within us. It’s a matter of degree, but there are a lot of people out there that are extreme narcissists.

I had it badly until I had a breakdown in 1999. after the breakdown my personality changed dramatically.

I had that extreme ‘body’ narcissism. so I would dress provocatively all the time, to get the maximum attention. scary.

Social media is not to blame, it’s only a symptom. Social media would not exist without its followers.