June’s best music

  1. The best albums, EPs and mixes from the past month.



    Best albums

    June 2017

    Laurel Halo

    Laurel Halo gets back on the mic for her beautifully impressionistic third album.

    Cédric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg

    The Frankfurt producers show how lush minimal can be.

    fabric 94
    Fabric Records

    A mix of new and exclusive tunes that shows off Steffi’s electro side.

    DJ Sports
    Modern Species
    Firecracker Recordings

    Beautiful ambient house with shades of jungle.

    New Tab
    Pacific Rhythm

    The Vancouver producer evokes early Biosphere on this ambient techno album.


    Colourful club sounds and sparkly R&B from a Hyperdub mainstay.

    Dys Functional Electronic Music


    Techno that ventures well beyond the dance floor.

    Marcel Dettmann
    Selectors 003
    Dekmantel Selectors

    The Berghain resident pulls out some of his oldest favourites in this collection of EBM, industrial and synth pop.

    Shinichi Atobe
    From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art

    Another dive into the archives of the mysterious Japanese producer yields another album of near-perfect dub techno.

    Fit For Purpose

    Shawn O’Sullivan combines techno, post-punk and industrial for a blistering ride.

    Hidden Hawaii

    Drum & bass and dub techno come together on this expansive, impressive album.

    Sinjin Hawke
    First Opus
    Fractal Fantasy

    Grand and adventurous club music.

    Broken English Club
    The English Beach

    Post-punk-inspired techno.


    Best singles

    June 2017

    Lanark Artefax
    Whities 011

    Lush, IDM-infused electronica from a white-hot newcomer.

    natural / electronic. system.
    Sicut Erat

    Deep, intricate techno from the always on-point Tikita label.

    Neo Image
    Mood Hut

    Soft and stripped-back deep house.

    Lady Starlight
    Stroboscopic Artefacts

    Blazing fast techno from an artist on the rise.

    CS + Kreme / Yu Su
    Roast Ghost / Little Forest

    Dazed dance music done two ways on this fantastic split cassette featuring transmissions from Melbourne and Vancouver.

    River Electric
    Thule Records

    Another essential reissue of timeless Icelandic dub techno from the Thule archives.

    Terrence Dixon
    Like A Thief In The Night

    This gently mind-melting EP is one of the best techno releases of the month.


    Beautiful ambient techno with remixes from some of the genre’s finest.

    Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound
    Sessions 03

    The dream team of oddball house returns.

    Central Processing Unit

    Bet you didn’t know the Commodore64 could make dance floor jams like this.

    Let The Church

    Ecstatic house and techno like only Floorplan can do.

    Water Bomb / Cold New Worlds
    Cold Recordings

    Pinch comes correct with an aquatic banger like nothing you’ve heard before.


    Abstract yet engaging ambient techno.


    Best mixes

    June 2017

Luke Hess

I found a new artist I really like.

Born in 1980 in Metro Detroit and subject to the city’s mid-90’s warehouse parties, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement. His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance-floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood.


The 2016 polls begin with the RA readers’ top DJs of the year.


  • Denis Sulta
    Whether you’re Ben UFO or a soppy young raver, Denis Sulta’s music will get a reaction out of you. This helped make him our poll’s highest new entry, and one of 2016’s breakthrough stars.
  • Joseph Capriati
    Joseph Capriati has been known to shed a tear or two in interviews, but in the booth he’s a picture of calm, mixing punchy techno and swinging tech house with a marksman’s precision. He breaks into our top 30 for the first time.
  • 20.


    It’s natural to focus on the visceral intensity of a techno set, but Rødhåd treats the task with surprising delicacy. Sure, he dishes out huge slabs of immense, hypnotic music, but there’s a sensitivity to the way he combines sonic elements that has become his signature as a DJ. Running up to four decks at a time, he custom builds his blends and drops, controlling the dynamics and energy with a degree of focus that works as well in dark basements as it does on festival stages.

    Next: Wed, 07 Dec 2016
    Sónar Bogotá
  • 19.


    You can tell how good Hunee is by watching the DJ who’s coming on after him. Though the Amsterdam-based selector cuts a wholesome-looking figure—he’s known to sip tea and wear sandals in the booth—to his peers he can be intimidating. Every second of his sets, from his trademark Pointer Sisters intro, to the wonderful stew of house, disco, soul, Latin and African music that follows, earns cheek-puffing admiration and facial expressions that say, ‘How am I supposed to follow that?’

    Next: Fri, 09 Dec 2016
    Antal and Hunee
  • 18.

    Jamie Jones

    It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the energy a DJ projects. Whether he’s playing gargantuan festivals or an Ibiza afterhours, Jamie Jones still enjoys every transition, bassline and hi-hat with the zeal of a young raver. That enthusiasm is palpable to the audience, giving the sense that, despite his status, he’s very much on their level. Even as his career matures to encompass performances with the Colombia National Symphony Orchestra, Jones is loved for his tireless commitment to the dance.
    Jamie Jones

    Next: Thu, 08 Dec 2016
    Jamie Jones
  • 17.

    The Martinez Brothers

    Chris and Steve Martinez aren’t twins—they’re three years apart—but hearing them DJ, you might think they are. In their track selections, their transitions, their dance moves in the booth, they appear synced in a way that seems almost supernatural. Maybe that’s not surprising given their journey so far, with all those countless back-to-backs at clubs and festivals around the world. By now they’re in a groove few DJs can touch, and it’s kept them near the top of this list year after year.
    The Martinez Brothers

    Next: Wed, 07 Dec 2016
    Sónar Bogotá
  • 16.

    Ben Klock

    In 2016, Ben Klock reminded us what he really is: a DJ fanatic, obsessed with making each set better than the last. Every year, we talk about his work ethic, precision mixing and ability to whip dance floors into a frenzy, and each year he finds a way to take things a little further—be it with a busier schedule, new tricks in the mix or fresh ways to work a crowd. Ten years into his career, he often finds himself playing for screaming crowds in massive clubs and festivals, but his subtle touch remains the same.
    Ben Klock

    Next: Fri, 09 Dec 2016
    Elastik?? with Ben Klock
  • 15.


    Ollie Jones’ transformation, from dubstep’s biggest DJ to a genuine force in house and techno, is now complete. He could have got there on a slipstream of nepotism, calling in favours from friends, but instead he stayed humble and worked extremely hard. This has meant learning to become a much subtler DJ. Finding his feet in the studio with a new sound. Ignoring the inevitable online backlash. And with the extra scrutiny that came with the switch, he’s had to make sure that each time he plays, he smashes it.

    Next: Thu, 08 Dec 2016
    Rave 4 Refugees Launch 1
  • 14.

    Carl Cox

    If 2016 has told us anything about dance music, it’s this: everybody, from your mum to your milkman, has a soft spot for Carl Cox. The closing of his residency at Space Ibiza, followed by the club’s own finale two weeks later, caused a furore rarely seen in our world. But Cox has always stood alone. Who else can light up a dance floor with a jig? Or make you feel warm inside just by flashing a toothy grin?
    Carl Cox

    Next: Fri, 30 Dec 2016
    Carl Cox & Friends
  • 13.

    Ricardo Villalobos

    As the jazz great Charlie Parker once said: “Master your instrument, master the music, and then forget all that shit and just play.” On a good night, no DJ channels that advice better than Ricardo Villalobos. Throwing the faders around, swerving unpredictably from one record to the next, framing a dazzling mosaic of different sounds—techno, electro, synth pop, jazz—within his classic style of tripped-out minimal house, his sets have a wild, mad scientist quality that entrances dance floors year after year after year.
    Ricardo Villalobos

    Next: Fri, 09 Dec 2016
    Hotel Scandalös