Killing Joke – Love Like Blood


We must play our lives like soldiers in the field
The life is short
I’m running faster all the time
Strength and beauty destined to decay

So cut the rose in full bloom
‘Til the fearless come and the act is done

A love like blood
A love like blood
‘Til the fearless come and the act is done

A love like blood
A love like blood

Everyday through all frustration and despair

Love and hate fight with burning hearts
‘Til legends live and man is god again

And self-preservation rules the day no more
We must dream of promised lands and fields
That’s never fade in season
As we move towards no end
We learn to die
Red tears are shed on gray
‘Til the fearless come and the act is done

‘Til the fearless come and the act is done

I Can Has Cheezburger – Original Meme

I Can Has Cheezburger

Yep, this is the meme that started it all. It could even be argued that this particular cat asking for a Cheezburger is what started the whole modern internet memes trend that has become an important part of society and human interaction online. And the crazy thing is that one day this piece of nostalgia will rest in a museum to educate and inspire future generations.

Barbed Wire Kiss

Richard M. Ankers - Author

This jagged smile she plays for fun

An indelicate balance tilted in her favour

Such an exact science, applied and described

Crimson painted, plum or sea blue

It matters not

Styled for the moment, smudged with a wave

Exposed is an exposure kindly received

Works both ways she says

And I believe her because she’s grinning

It can only be glee, can’t it?

Trap set, locked and straining

The night vibrates with palpable anticipation

She closes. We close. They close

The next stage of a plan planted

Grown in a place where the sun don’t shine

Tended with steel wool and polish

Scrubbed to angelic perfection

Just awaiting the clack of horizontal gates closed

Where glinting blinds

So eyes are closed

The chink of twinned metal resonates through my spine

Pull away, but I can’t

Free yourself, but I won’t

And she has me, as she’s had those…

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