the lion and the dentist (a children’s book)

Once upon a time there lived a proud lion. He loved life so much that he smiled almost all the time, showing his pearly white teeth.

One day he was frolicking through the deep African grass, when he came across a white dentist with a large gun.

The dentist was saying many things about how he wanted to shoot the lion, but in reality he was really very afraid of the lion.

He imagined what the lion’s head would look like hanging boldly on his dental surgery’s wall and all the patients would comment on the lion’s head, saying how brave the dentist was, and how exciting it must of been to have been there to witness the lion being shot, and how victorious the dentist was at his kill.

But this didn’t happen. In fact the dentist got so frightened when he saw the lion, he dropped the gun and ran in the opposite direction. The lion proceeded to chase the dentist. He ran and ran, but could not outrun the lion.

The lion did not hesitate but to kill and eat the dentist!

The lion could taste American hamburgers and mac and cheese. The dentist was so delicious that the lion roared with delight!

What a day the lion had. He went off to tell all the other lions about his kill. All the other lions came to taste the dentist. They were also delighted on how delicious the dentist was.

A week had passed, and a famous toothpaste manufacturer contacted the lion and asked him if he would like to be in a ad for toothpaste. The lion said YES.

The ad was a HUGE success an went on to be used and twenty other countries, as well as Africa. The ad showed kids all over the world, that if you eat well and healthy, you will have strong white teeth, just like the lion.

And if you also brush your teeth you will avoid having to go to a dentist who may very well want to shoot and kill you if he had the chance. And then put your head on a plaque and hang it on the wall of the surgery.

the End.

Cecil the lion

me and my eating disorder

I’ve been aware of having an eating disorder since I was twenty something.

consisted of eating a lot of junk food for meals instead of real food.

I know I got it from my mother, as she would…

  • always finish her meal before anyone else.
  • if we had a roast, she would go from the table and start picking at the roast meat.
  • she made a lot of sweet stuff. Loads of baking all the time.
  • she would say things like: “my body needs salt, so these salt and vinegar chips are just what I need”.
  • she was obese, but would tell you that she wasn’t fat at all, “it’s just my shape after having my second child”, and she believed it with all her might.
  • she would say: “I could eat a meal and go on to eat another meal without blinking”.

I would often binge eat and then take laxatives to purge the food. This would put enormous stress on my body, and it was very painful.

I’m now 57 and I love eating. Especially Vietnamese food.

Eating is like a friend, as it feels so good to eat. But I’m now heading to 110 kilograms

My correct weight is supposed to be 80 kg.

My knees really hurt if I try and run. Ouch !

I look in the mirror and freak out.

I’m writing this in the hope I can moderate my food intake.

cheers, Gavin.