What is “Seattle armpits” please?

i was txting a friend the other day…

…and it was a day here…

…that was particularly humid and hot.

I was saying that: it was so muggy that there would be a lot of sweaty armpits around the place, including myself.

then I got a txt back saying: What is “Seattle armpits” please?


when I checked my phone, it had chosen ‘Seattle instead of ‘Sweaty’ LOL !!!!


have you ever had this happen to you ????

if yes, would you like to share/comment your experiences of this rather funny/odd thing that happens.


The Creative Blogger Award


i am honored to be nominated for the creative blogger award.

it comes to me from rob goldstein

the rules:

* display the creative blogger award logo on your blog
* nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
* thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
* share 5 random facts about yourself to your readers
* pass these rules on to them


thank you rob goldstein for nominating me for the creative blogger award!

to the people i nominate:

please accept my nomination for the creative blogger award.

five facts about me:

1. i used to be rather uneducated/naive/childish and naughty, prior to september 1999.

2. i have three ‘passions’ (in order of passion): music, photography & film.

3. i have a psychiatric disability called: ptsd posttraumatic stress disorder.

4. i would love to travel the world.

5. i like cats, but don’t have a cat.

these are my nominees for the creative blogger award:

http://tellmeaboutit.co/ Michelle Marie

https://mypenandme.wordpress.com/ mypenandme

http://helgesfotoalbum.wordpress.com/ Helge Riemer

http://richardankers.com/ Richard Ankers

http://dewetswild.com/ de Wets Wild

https://kalosf.wordpress.com/ kalosf

https://gastonbessette.wordpress.com/ GASTON BESSETTE

https://lauramacky.wordpress.com/ Laura

http://tarotpsychologique.wordpress.com/ Elisabeth Berger

http://ramificationphotography.wordpress.com/ Bob

http://russelrayphotos2.com/ Russel Ray

https://armyofangels2013.wordpress.com/ ARMY OF ANGELS

https://pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com/ Pacific Paratrooper

https://dotedon.wordpress.com/ DotedOn

http://darkpinesphoto.wordpress.com/ DARK PINES PHOTO

https://araneus1.wordpress.com/ araneus1