little goat

i was scared of you from the word ‘go’
you didn’t see me, but you used me as your special little goat
i hid in a makeshift house that followed me from room to room
i was spider-man
swinging from veranda to clothesline

you took away my innocents
you used me for your pleasure
without my consent
you said: “you must not tell anyone”.

from age to teens
you chose me to hate
i hide among the weeds
skipping school, to stare up at the blue sky
the mice were my only friends

when i escaped, i was in a state of pure ecstasy
free from violence, free from hatred
i danced all night
i slept by day, under the palm tree
i was free…

then my demons returned to roost among the pigeons
you tracked me down
to use me again for your own pain
i never went back to live
my neck was frozen
i could not move

i lived a dream of body narcissism
day by day
i stole what i thought was mine

you came along
like a God
you took me in your arms
at last i was loved
and so was my body

when you left i died
then i woke with fierce determination
to learn about the world
to find peace
to find the now
to find God
to find new friends
to find film and history

through crazy eyes
you stalked me to end of the earth
i was shattered
tried hard to stay afloat
dying inside

her i am
standing in front of you
my image machine
finding joy once more
the lens is my new friend
i found art once more
the tree had grown tall…
leading my life back to the soil



I actually know several people who don’t ever watch films that are subtitled….so I’m referring to foreign films etc.

This really really shocked me to my core.
Of all the films I watch, 60% of them are foreign.
Even if I’m watching an English speaking film, I will turn on the subtitles. every bit helps, when you have dyslexia.

It’s a bit like only focusing on only males. You are missing 50% of the population.

or…..only eating ‘French fries’. You are missing out on a lot of food that is delicious.
Yes. I knew someone who only ate McDonald’s French fries !!!


So yes…..I’m a big ‘foreign film’ fan. It takes me to places that I would love to travel to but cannot afford.


Colder weather

It’s almost winter here in Oz.

Officially June, July & August.

….as I’ve gotten older (52)…..I’m more effected by cold weather.

I may well have S.A.D. seasonal affective disorder, but I doubt it.

I just find cold weather very difficult to cope with.


Using a light box has been found to be beneficial to people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder.