Covid-19 Australia

Although the amount of people getting the virus is relatively low compared to other countries, things are already in panic mode here.

Supermarkets are seeing panic buying and stock-piling of food.

This effects me, because there is a lot less items available, which is very frustrating.

23 thoughts on “Covid-19 Australia

  1. The panic buying and hoarding…is happening here as well…shelves are empty…it’s the unknown…yet I read delivered goods are happening…stay safe Gavin…sending calm and ✌️ hugs Hedy ☺️🙋‍♀️

  2. Yeah it’s crazy here. Now our republican Governor has cancelled the Primary election. How do you say Suppress the vote? A recent news report stated the most hoarded items now are Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Guns and ammo. Stop the world I want to get off. Be safe my friend and don’t panic.

  3. I understand what you are going through, gg. It’s mayhem and mularkie out there! Be well, you’re thought of and not alone. Luckily there are people already recovering at ground zero so that gave me some hope today! Sending hugs and prayers your way for you and yours. 💖

  4. This is all like a bad dream…following what is happening in the countries that are a couple weeks ahead of us has helped us prepare. I didn’t believe it would happen here when it all started, and there are still a lot of people who don’t accept the seriousness of a pandemic. Don’t forget the pets🐱❤️

  5. No Québec, há atualização cotidiana sobre a COVID-19 : número de casos confirmados, hospitalizações, cura… e todas as medidas por gestos simples para nos preteger e proteger outras pessoas. Quando voltaremos ao normal?

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