window wednesday


when someone in the media eye says something offensive, the thing said is then repeated on the news, causing more offence and outrage.

it amazes me that the thing said is repeated over and over.
it’s like you get a voice if you say something racist or offensive.

i find this whole process irrational.

the media is not allowed to report on suicides….so why are they able to report on offensive comments?

makes no sense to me.

i sense (we) secretly love to be offended, and that’s why these comments get so much attention.

reason and for-thought is not welcome today.
it will never sell news….

i laugh a lot when i hear people say bad things, because they are given a voice in our society…

i have nothing to say about anybody, good or bad. if i did, it would imply that i had some sort of insight or experience on the subject at hand.
most of the time, i don’t.

i’ve found that globalization means more people have more opinions on things that are not relevant to their lives. so many people just believe what they are fed, and then form opinions.
the lack of mindfulness is apparent.



i’m so happy with this set.

fancy lights

tank time


the fountain has only just been re-assembled.
nice to have it back again.