lying is basically a form of neurosis

What is a neurosis?

Neurotic means you’re afflicted by neurosis, a word that has been in use since the 1700s to describe mental, emotional, or physical reactions that are drastic and irrational. At its root, a neurotic behavior is an automatic, unconscious effort to manage deep anxiety.

1. Revealing the facts.
2. Honestly experiencing feelings and thoughts. 
3. Demythologizing yourself.

12 thoughts on “lying is basically a form of neurosis

  1. It’s weird how we have compulsive liars but no compulsive truth-tellers! My friends hate it when I point out their lies…..maybe because they’re jealous that they can’t catch me in mine? 🤪😇😂

    Excellent post!! 💕💖💞

  2. Truth and living in the light of truth is the final frontier for this planet and our urrent incarnations. Once you taste this Light you can never go back, and it will flip you right side up and pull you inside out. Many people will disapear from your surroundings for we vibrate at a frequency that liars, cheats and such cannot fathom!
    Lonely are the brave!
    Solitaires sont les justes!

    Thank you brother of Light!!!!

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