14 thoughts on “consciousness

  1. G
    How are you sending your post? All showing now is the date, comment button and edit. People can’t tell who it’s from, unless the go to comments to find way back to your site.
    The post is there when I look but not even stop was showing.
    Is it on my part or yours. I believe you are missing people because it looks like nothing is there.
    Talk soon.

      1. Do you do all the post in WP? or do you post your’s then link or attach somehow to Survivors instead of the old way of reblog? There should be an answer in their several people look the same where they didn’t before? I love the way changes are made and you have no idea how to find your stuff. Today I could not get my reblog button to come up till late in day? Why? Who knows, they can be frustrating. I’ve upgraded the site, I should get much quicker response time.

      2. Do you mean by going to top left corner and clicking on my sites or change site? or are you physically logging out or whatever and go to another place to write and then send thru the top left button or do you attach a link to you work when posting it on Survivors site?

      3. It’s 3:15 am here, I’ve taken my two pain pills and three sleeping pills and pray for sleep. We need to keep talking since I’m not sitting there to see what you are doing. There should be no reason to have to go to another site to post. that’s BS since my memory has left the building it took me awhile today to reblog mine. I write or add photos on WP, never leave the site. Publish my post and the trick is when you go to reblog you have to see the post and buttons the way readers do. The trick if you can call it that is, when you’re looking at your front page you have to click on the post headline like a follower would. If your lucky, this has only gotten worse in the past six months. When are truly on the post page you look by the like button and reblog should be right next to it, That is the ways I’ve always done it. So since several people have mentioned issues with reblogging I’m talking to WP support in the morning, have they write down step by step how to reblog then I’m going to post it and use it for new members so they don’t have the frustrations or have to do all this extra work. It should be the easiest task to do on site.
        I am getting sleepy, drug induced and may sleep till Shaggy barks me awake. Around four pm would be great, eat in bed and roll right back over.
        I’ll talk with you in the morning, we’ll be the detectives who solve this problem.

  2. Thinking comes from the subconscious too, the thing we call instinct.. My thoughts are the product of both my conscious self and the subconscious.. I prefer listening to my instincts rather than my consciousness as I find myself swayed my others thoughts.. Do I make sense?? This is purely my take, my experience

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