15 thoughts on “hello, from the past

  1. G
    Did you get an email from me yesterday? I sent a group email, I may have to send separate email. Take a look and let me know.
    Working hard to get things working then let’s pick a theme better suited for a collaborative site. There are many option.
    I’m off to see if WP has responding to my questions.

      1. Today I reached this place of peace inside my heart! It’s as if the past is pushed away and even the future and I’m sitting here in this peaceful silence. I remember when I started this love walk wishing to be peaceful but my life was anything but that. Now I see that complete healing has happened and it’s such a relief to not go back. Also to not vacillate between the two. I don’t even know why I’m sharing this now but it’s on my heart to share so I am! Have a blessed day! ❤

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