6 thoughts on “nuts & bolts

  1. I smiled at this one……thinking of the nuts and bolts idiom. Then, I saw the cobweb and busted out laughing, as we do indeed need to clear the cobwebs before we can address the nuts and bolts.

    I put WAY too much thought into that, didn’t I? 🤓😊😁

  2. G!
    I need you, today, yesterday and days in the future. Please reblog more photos Survivors way. First I’m working with WP to restore all possible. What you may not think of is why I wanted you on the team. Your photography helped you and continues to help you over come challenges. The message is not lost on the team or people who visit us. You are a long way ahead of some team members, that gives everyone hope.
    You have struggles yet you continued to reach out until you found a group of people you feel comfortable with. Many of our readers have not taken that step. You don’t have to write about what you’ve done till now, your profile, positive and loving attitude and most important your photos. While others still struggle focused on the inside struggle, you turned the lens another direction. I know you have a hard time patting yourself on back or giving yourself a break, but looking at how far you’ve come, where your life is today will put sunshine in your heart.
    Huge Hugs

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