11 thoughts on “Quote

  1. AWE darn what a quote. It’s sad when someone experiences the feelings of un-caring, and unfairness. I have someone close to me that is experiencing this and all I know to do is wait and sit with them till this time in their life passes and it no longer hurts. I believe your are caring and fair and I know I am so there is two! I’m sure there are more! I was sharing with this person to not focus on those that do not care and maybe focus on the ones that do. I don’t don’t know why the uncaring and unfairness screams so loud for attention. It just does. I’ve purposed in my heart to let it go and it no longer has a place in my heart and life! Sorry for the jabbering this one got my attention. Have a blessed day my friend! Sending hugs and much love to you! ♡

      1. Thank you. I’ve been praying for you too…every Sunday at church, I included you and your daughter in my prayers. 💜

      2. AWE I love that so much! Just when she gets better something else seems to get ahold of her. She’s sick now so I’m praying for that as well! Thank you thank you thank you! 💛 💛 I can’t find my prayer hands or I would put them here! LOL 😀

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