hate = free speech?

hate = free speech?

the answer is: YES

ignorance = free speech?

the answer is: YES

it is only a problem when people (of the same opinion) get together and form a group, and things can sometimes go from free speech to action/behavior.

groups are and can be very powerful…so a group of people who hate the same thing, has the potential to become a group of action, not just of free speech.

there is only one thing in my life that i use the ‘H’ word…and most of that has been self-inflicted. so i’m very much responsible for my own behavior and actions. (and i’m not going to say what it is, because it’s too complicated).

John Meints

John Meints was tared and feathered.


humans have been ‘hating’ ever since humans have existed.

in reality hate comes out of a fear of something…


i could mention all the fears, but there are too many to write them all.

the ‘hate’ that i spoke of earlier (about me), is connected to a fear of loss of control of myself and behavior that is very harmful to me. that is the reason i feel so strongly about it.

at the moment we are hearing a lot about ‘hate’ in the news. all of it is based in fear, and all of it is not a problem until it turns into behavior or actions.

i once saw a poster saying: ‘No haters here!’

if you hate the haters, you are no different to them…you are the same.





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