this post has been coming since 2013.

what happened recently, was, I found a quote in an Australian T.V. series called: Glitch.

that’s the world now…
there is no justice.
nothing is fair.
you just live your life…
you just keep your head down.

innocent people go to prison for decades.

people get away with murder.

people in power abuse children.

the list goes on…


if you have lots of money or/and you are an important person, you have a better chance of justice, but not always.

Australia is following in the footsteps of the U.S. with the obsession of justice.

one will get it, if you shout loud enough, and you can get (many) other  people to join your cause.


I’m finally learning to keep my head down.






17 thoughts on “justice

  1. This sounds like a very tough start to the New Year, and while I think the quote is accurate: “you just live your life…you just keep your head down” I think you also have to add another line that says, “and be aware of those around you doing the same and together create something beautiful.”

    Perhaps a bit optimistic, but those are the things that will make 2016 a year to look back upon and understand that actually, you did win. Keep strong.

  2. I never thought much about the justice system until I experienced family court for myself. It is true that men get away with murder, while men with far less transgressions go to prison. I have seen it in my own little world of people. Dalo2013 is spot on about being aware and working together…

    1. i was a victim of crime for three and a half years (i was stalked relentlessly).
      it was amazing how much the justice system helped the criminal.
      i was shocked.

      I’m no longer shocked anymore 🙂

      1. I was lucky to have a realistic attorney, who knew how crooked the system was. I couldn’t believe it all! They do favor the criminals- it is a sad situation for abuse and crime victims of all ages.

  3. I’ve always know how it is – but I can still get shocked…my neighbors threw all their old carpet out, and other junk and dumped it on the back of my property, which I am meticulous about. I went to the county building and they told me if they “saw” it, I would be cited. I wrote a post about it. CRAZY

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