13 responses to “rod & gun….tiffany & co

    • Yes.
      I never meant to capture the person in the first photo.
      they got in the way of my shot, and would not move.
      it was almost like they became a Mannequin.

      • Sometimes I want to holler hey move it you’re in my shot! LOL I would never do that but I want to! 😀
        There’s this girl at work she literally stands in her office door and stares at the floor before she walks out the door like a trance. Probably going through things in her head….but sometimes I want to say You brain has been taken over by aliens! Don’t attempt to get it back! Random share there 😛

      • Today she did that same brain swallow thing where she stands in one spot. I didn’t dare break her mind meld! 😀 Gotta laugh! Hope you had a super day! Mine kicked my butt and I’m taking one for the team. I need a new team! 😀 LOL ❤ sweet dreams!

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