28 thoughts on “light & light

  1. If this were words, Gav, it would be a work where as much is left unsaid as said..i love the air of mystery, the out of focus and of course the focus

  2. by sony ?

    this is amazing, surreai, beautiful, love it…

    do you have it on Flickr, too?

      1. Thanks mate. I find it interesting how our tastes change, over time….once upon a time I only shot in color.

  3. I neither like cold weather. Sometimes it makes me feel that I want to cry; when I’m feeling like I’m almost freezing.

  4. It’s just now turning summer here. :0) I would rather take pics in Australia in the winter than pics here in the U.S. in summer- any day! This is gorgeous.

  5. OH wow! I love how you captured this! Did you have to use a tripod? I can never hold still very long I always wonder does one carry one with? (◡‿◡✿)

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