15 thoughts on “architecture & morality

      1. When you shoot do you shoot in black and white, or do you convert to b/w? I’m working on some art and I have photos I need to convert to B/W. I’m curious how you do this. I wonder if there is a better way to do it then I am? Your photos always seem crisp. Probably the photographer I think!

      2. Mostly I shoot in color, then convert to b&w….but my Sony does a fab b&w (in camera), which I also use.

      3. That is good to know! I was thinking there might be some secret I don’t know of! I have noticed in photoshop that before I convert to CMYK because I’m going to print, I can go under adjustment and to black/white and then still adjust the colors. I thought that was interesting. This has helped so the black/white is not so washed out looking! Then I convert it to gray scale and adjust again! It’s hard because the project does not call for color so I am so challeneged with my design but I’m up for the challenge. Plus I’m working with an amateur photographer and also cheering her on. It’s amazing the gifts and talents others have they don’t even realize till someone says hey I think you have an eye for photography! We’ll see what comes of it! Thank you for your sharing! I appreciate it very much! 🙂

      4. The convert to b&w is something I learned, over time. Sometimes it doesn’t work very well with some photos…..

  1. The two pieces are very effectively individually. What I find fascinating is how their close placement to each other on the blog page creates an Escher quality; it is as if the two spaces and their architectural content have run into one another creating a new dimensional space. 🙂

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