six tips for photoing people

# 1. i try to avoid sneaking around as this behavior draws attention to one.
u can be sneaky though i.e. i like to pretend to take a picture of something else, when i’m really taking a picture of a person.

# 2. even if u don’t feel confident, pretend that u r, as this stops others seeing u as a potential victim. often when i pretend, the confidence comes after a while.

# 3. have a coffee or a drink with caffeine in it. this helps so much. gives u nrg and the courage to get out there and snap snap.

# 4. when u can, get permission to take the photo. i do this animated thing by pointing to the camera and then pointing at the person. u can often get a nod yes. if u get into trouble, just delete the photo (while they are watching u delete it).

# 5. read people’s body language. this is relatively easy, with some practice. u can’t always get it right, but more often than not i do.

# 6. finally don’t run away once u have taken the photo. (this is very important). stand your ground, and act normal. this is this thing that has been crucial in taking street shots for me.


6 thoughts on “six tips for photoing people

  1. Great image!

    #1 Check.
    #2 Check.
    #3 Can’t stand coffee… 🙂
    #4 That means admitting I’m taking a photo of them!
    #5 Check
    #6 Check(ish)

    Nice tips! Just a couple for me to work on! 😀

  2. Thanks ckponderings.
    With #4 I felt obliged to say this as I often get the comment: “Did you get a model release?” on my photos of people.


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