music (1 of 3) jazz

jazz is one of my fave music(s).
i like all kinds of jazz from modern to
jelly roll morton. I have a massive collection. piano jazz is my fave.
it’s probably blasphemous to say, but I’m very fond of Keith Jarrett.
i have most of his stuff, but not all (there is so much)

this concert is the bomb.

ken burns did a fab doco to:


i was recently reunited with and album from the 90’s.
the album is Ronny Jordan – The Quiet Revolution. Oct 07, 1993.
it got stolen in the 90’s, and i just got a new copy & have been dancing around the house to it…(CD on repeat).

i got into jazz loads during the 90’s. also guitar bands like my bloody valentine, 4AD artists & slowdive etc. Ronny is a fab jazz guitarist.

lots of great tracks including: Tinsel Town