21st century film & TV

there are two things I really dislike in film and TV…

  1. ‘hand-held-camera’ films.

  2. the over-use of music in films and TV.

I was watching the original ‘the thin red line’ last night and the music was not only overwhelming, but very annoying and distracting.


the film had potential, but was so un-realistic, it distracted from the story. the 1998 version is brilliant.

music can be both a powerful and enhancing part of films. sometimes the movie soundtrack can be just as good as the film. there are many instances where I’ve had a copy of the soundtrack before I see the film.

this 007 movie was one of the worst movies I’ve seen with an ‘over-use’ of music.


one of the wost ‘hand-held’ films I’ve seen is REC.

and it was such a pitty, as this film was really good, otherwise.


Hitler’s Children

i saw this film last night on DVD.

it is really good.

it was so interesting that some of Hitler’s commander’s children, i.e. (Heinrich Himmler, Hans Frank, Hermann Göring, and Rudolf Höss), had themselves sterilized, so they could not produce children.

and the guilt carried to the nest generation of grandchildren was sharply felt.

excellent film.


Sling Blade

yesterday i didn’t just find a copy of sling blade, but a copy on blu-ray….and it was only $13.00!

i hadn’t seen it in 14 years, and when i did, it was on VHS.

i’m not usually into ‘feel-good’ movies, but this is an exception.

it deals with childhood abuse, without really showing what happened (which is probably a good thing).

but it’s mostly about friendship and love.

the performance by Billy Bob Thornton is truly amazing/brilliant. (i’m already a huge fan).

if you ever get a chance to see it, i highly recommend it.



une femme mariée

this film is one of the better films i watched during the holidays.

it is made by the amazing Jean-Luc Godard

it’s about a married woman who has an affair.

Macha Méril is very beautiful in this film.

in many ways this is one of the films that represent my sexuality, as it it filmed in a way that only shows part of what is going on.

i.e. hands, arms & legs.

i’m someone who can only cope with very gentile touch…

…my idea of sex is holding hands or hugging (affection). lol.

i find sex scenes in ordinary films difficult to watch. i feel embarrassed, as if i’m seeing something i’m not meant to.

it’s different if the film is specifically about sex i.e. Nymphomaniac: Volume I & Nymphomaniac: Volume II

my favourite scene is the scene where she plays the records and they chase each other around the apartment.


film appreciation

i own and watch films that i don’t necessarily like, but enjoy because they are good for other reasons thank just liking them.


La Dolce Vita is an excellent example of this.
it doesn’t really have a plot, it just rambles along and stuff happens.
the lighting, costumes, production, direction etc. are all brilliant and worth a look just for that.
i also don’t take the film seriously either.

here are some fotos i took with the rx100 (sony) while sitting on the couch. on of my fave scenes is the one where she puts a kittkeh on her head. lol.

i’m not even a fellini fan even though i’ve seen most of his films.
one that i like very much is: La Strada (but that is another story)…