14 thoughts on “weeds

      1. I here it works wonders on pain. When I was 12 and a dope head there wasn’t any pain so I can’t take it from personal experience but I’ll sure try. I’m vaping, taking CBD drops, eating CBD dummies, no telling what I’ll find next. I don’t like vaping it makes me feel like I’m smoking and they don’t taste great. Are you doing any CBD or is weed legal there?

  1. Oh I love these tones here. This is the kind of overall tone I want for my B&W’s. I like the gradient brightness going from super bright in the top left corner to darker, heavier blacks in the bottom right. ACE. x

  2. p.s. As I mentioned on another post a few minutes ago (cat pics), I haven’t picked up my rig in half a year. If anything makes me want to it’s a good B&W. 😉 Between the cat pics and this shot right here, I think I feel the mojo creeping back into my blood. (Goosebumps) Ok, yeah…I do. 🙂 I’m inspired again! Thanks for that- because believe me- in my life right now- that’s a GIFT. ❤ Thx. x

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