11 thoughts on “kitteh

  1. That’s a very sharp looking cat in your photo. Alert and paying attention. We have six cats, 5 outdoors and one indoors. Our indoor cat has been getting new food now for a couple of months, and she really likes it, but when we open the lid, boy, is it stinky!

    1. p.s. I have a VERY pregnant cat in my bedroom- Butterscotch- and a small kitty named Reece’s Pieces (but we call her Baby Girl) and then there’s Titty Tat- our large male, and Murdy (short for Murderer- my son and his GF named him- haha) and there’s also Esper who has a 2nd name of Tibbers, but is also called “Tib Tib”, and then we also have Doe-y- the Mama cat of Murdy and Titty Tat- and I’m sure we have another one (or two) running around here somewhere that I’m leaving out. We’ve had so many cats over the years!

  2. Gosto de gatos e tenho um que se chama Chico. É lindo, afetuoso, brincalhão, curioso e gosta muito de receber carinho na cabeça.
    Bom início de semana, amigo.

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