6 thoughts on “feets

  1. G
    I want to thank you from my heart for following me. Our friendship grows deep and I treasure the time we get to talk. Hugs!!!!!

    The photo brought back memories of taking care of granny, sometimes I would have to drive the whole parking lot to praying a handicap spot would open. I would get enraged by the people who parked in the space with not documentation. I learned to get over even though I still complained. The most wonderful experience came from the frustration. When a handicap space wasn’t available, I could stop at front door, granny stayed in air conditioning, get her wheelchair out, take her inside to air conditioning, give her a phone to call 911 if approached and I would go park car. God had a way of rewarding my behavior with many open handicap spaces the second time around. Change your thoughts, see the extra attention you can show another and enjoy the happiness of going the extra mile.

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