11 thoughts on “angel of mercy

  1. Gavin
    I’ve tried to reach you for a month, I don’t know if received my comments or two emails sent in last two weeks. I care for you deeply and would never hurt you. The stalker was answering questions I asked you and Robert. Please return my email so we can clear the air. I did not take you off the site, the site is a mess, Daniel and I are still working on cleanup. Your restored as a Contributor, I can’t find your post and they may have been deleted. They deleted Robert completely and I’m still working to get the destruction left behind. You’ve been Hacked and know the nightmare, by wanting to hurt me, they hurt the people I cared for.
    Our friendship has deep roots, I won’t give up on talking to you. You’ve trusted me for several years, trust me now as we work thru the pain left behind.
    Xx M

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