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From 1875, imported English REDCLIFFE corrugated iron was regularly advertised for sale in Australia as well as REDCLIFFE CROWN. It would appear to have been manufactured by W.B. Wright & Co. of Bristol as an 1882 advertisement (by Redcliffe Crown Galvanized Iron Company), mentions their galvanised sheets were awarded “Mention Honorable” at the 1878 Exposition Universelle in Paris, the only award given for galvanised sheets. Indeed, “W. B. Wright & Co., of Bristol, exhibited specimens of their galvanized sheet iron, including a sheet 16 feet long, with eight 3-inch corrugations, and of 24 Birmingham wire gauge, claimed to be the largest sheet of the kind ever rolled.”

Between 1878 and 1882 Redcliffe would seem to have been acquired by or changed their name to Redcliffe Crown Galvanized Iron Company of St Philip’s, Bristol, who according to their 1882 advertisement are contractors for galvanised iron roofing to the Indian Government for State Railways. The 1882 advertisement shows the trademark in use at the time. In 1888 the Redcliffe Crown Galvanized Iron Company applied to register two trademarks in Victoria, the REDCLIFFE and the REDCLIFFE CROWN. The Redcliffe Crown Galvanized Iron Company – or at least the REDCLIFFE trademark – was subsequently taken over by Lysaght, who also originated in Bristol.

In 1897, The Metal Trades’ Referee and Storekeepers’ Guide lists Lysaght’s REDCLIFFE brand as well as Lysaght’s ORB, QUEEN’S HEAD, FLEUR-DE-LYS, NEW GUINEA and GLOBE brands. The Referee shows the trademark to be identical to that of the Redcliffe Crown Galvanized Iron Company.

In Australia, Lysaght marketed REDCLIFFE “A Good Second Quality” after their ORB galvanised corrugated iron which “Ranks First For Quality And Value”. Lysaght continued to advertise REDCLIFFE in Australia, e.g. in 1915 “GALVANISED IRON (Of British Manufacture). ORB, REDCLIFFE, QUEEN’S HEAD. Notwithstanding the great dislocation of trade caused by the war, FULL SUPPLIES OF LYSAGHT’S IRON can still be obtained from all Merchants throughout Australia, at MOST REASONABLE PRICES.”

Redcliffe used on fence
W.B. Wright Iron Merchant 28 February 1876
W.B. Wright Iron Merchant 28 February 1876

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