no mullets

crazy horse


no mullets

these rules made me snigger…because these are the people i thought would be most likely to go to this place.

i went there once….in the 80’s, and hated it, because i was only 23, and the men there were saying suggestive (inappropriate) things to both the women and any young men there.
very odd.


12 thoughts on “no mullets

  1. Hello,

    I’ve nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award. If you have an award free zone please accept this award as a statement of appreciation for your work.


  2. I wonder what they are showing the girls.

    Considering the list of restrictions, one pictures an audience in suit and tie formal wear with very subdued colours from the 1950s. Also no cellphones (camera/recording device).

    Early burlesque and vaudeville required real talent. Those days are long gone.

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