22 thoughts on “tree-house # 2

      1. Yes. It came up rather well.
        I used to do a lot of HDR in the past.
        Mostly because I did a lot of abstract stuff. Dumpsters and Rust.

      2. I’ve done 9 too. If I’m not mistaken only one photo is tone-mapping and not HDR but what do I know LOL! I usually do 3 or 5.

  1. It has a surreal LA noir atmosphere. As you sift from foreground to background you you move deeper into another reality.

      1. OH yes I agree with you! I love process the color in b/w like this! I love this look! Really stunning photo! You should hang this on your wall.
        A friend printed and is hanging my art on her wall and I never thought of it but we should all do that I think! If you don’t already! 😀 ღ

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