Faces of Fort Largs Photo Exhibition

Faces of Fort Largs Photo Exhibition

Faces of Fort Largs Photo Exhibition

Andrew and I are having an exhibition on Sunday the 8th of February 3pm. 2015. (opening)

08-02-2015 to 22-02-2015.

Semaphore Port Adelaide RSL
10 Semaphore Road, Semaphore SA.

normal opening hours.

They are photos of Fort Largs South Australia.

All are very welcome.

(also thanks to Dave Walsh for organising the exhibition).


Face of Fort Largs Exhibition

14 thoughts on “Faces of Fort Largs Photo Exhibition

  1. Sorry Gavin I arrived at 1.00pm to find it closed. I’ll try again next week or weekend. Hope it goes well. Will you try any other galleries?

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