plastic fantastic



i head back home tomorrow…
have had a fantastic holiday…
i stayed with friends, mostly.
i’ve decided that it really is irrelevant to tell people i have PTSD, as they don’t understand.
…it’s like saying i have ‘tryantigondapole illness’. LOL.
people have no idea what PTSD means in terms of my relationship to them or the world around me.
so all i need to do is take care of me and manage my PTSD without having to involve others.


31 thoughts on “plastic fantastic

    1. Thank you for this comment.
      So good to know I’m not alone.
      It can be so very tough some times.
      Makes ordinary living like climbing a mountain. Cheers, Gavin.

      1. Always remember though that with any “bad” thing comes good too. And your PTSD has given you a keen ability to tell stories with your camera. There’s a mood to your work (mostly your B&Ws) that wouldn’t be present without the PTSD. Same thing for me. We don’t just take pictures! We tell stories. And I like your stories. :0) (Keep telling them!)

  1. I really like the 3rd and 4th shots– and COMPLETELY understand PTSD- having friends who are in the military. Take care of yourself– Hugs~

  2. Love the last two shots..especially. I avoid the PTSD explanations…frankly I tire of trying to explain. For me, understanding myself and explaining me to me is difficult enough. Glad you had a very nice holiday.

  3. sweet work—surely people would understand an anxiety disorder that some people develop after they have experienced a traumatic event?

    1. Not really….in terms of ‘today’ and how that may be difficult for me tot be around other people…which is challenging at the best of times.

  4. Plastic just has a mind of it’s own. I love the way you capture photos of things we don’t
    PTSD my girl has this, along with depression. I know what brought it on and also the fact that you suffer from this says columns to me. Hugs to you sweet friend! I’ll be gone for awhile. Hope you have found some peace!

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