27 thoughts on “w o u l d y o u l i k e a c o f f e e

      1. I meant to ask you, Would you like to be a contributing author to my blog? Does not have to be regular but every now and then. Any topic you like..Current events, sports politics…funny..serious whatever…controversial is good also

  1. sure, one huge cup of dark coffee first thing in the morning… that’s all! with 3-4 squares of dark(bitter) chocolate: more then 75% cocoa… 🙂

    1. Hey roboto, roboto Italiano hey ​​roboto roboto Italiano
      Go Go Go vous mêlé Siciliano
      Tout ce que vous faites Calabrese la roboto comme un fou-le
      Hey roboto ne veux pas tarentelle
      Hey roboto plus mozzarella
      Hey roboto roboto Italiano essayer une enchilada avec le baccala de Fisht

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