10 thoughts on “down

      1. Have enjoyed staying in thier house or missing all your goods at home? Are you mentally strong to go back to the reality waiting for at home? I know housing must be expensive there. We didn’t look at any Real Estate while there. I loved Sydney but there is so much of the country outside of Sydney. Mostly well, meaning under stress and reacting or driven by someone else? I wish you health, it would make me so happy to know you made big leaps away from your ghost. You deserve to have a great life. I’m not sure you believe that. Hugs 🙂

      2. I hope they have made some changes and you have a higher tolerance so life is better for you. I know it’s hard. How long has it been since they looked or changed med for PTSD? That is an option to look at. I would be thrilled knowing smiling and laughing was part of your norm. It’s hard on you when you’re alone all the time. I’m being a mother hen. Thinking about you. 🙂

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