14 thoughts on “marion cultural centre

      1. You settled in to new pad? I haven’t seen your latest photos on the site, decide to stop all together? Miss talking with you. We don’t talk I don’t know how you are. 🙂

      2. Yes. took me two weeks to settle…and the cats took the same time to get used to me.
        I’m not going to post on CTC.
        the police thing has been too upsetting for me.
        sorry. i’m a bit sensitive.

      3. Did it turn into something larger or the one call? I know you’re sensitive, didn’t know it was still bothering you. I would have talked to earlier if I knew you were upset. Is it the Big Brother thing or just feel they got in you’re space.

      4. just the one call. nothing more.
        but there are other things in play, that i don’t wish to talk about.


      5. I hate that bs in going on. I hope it’s not prolonged and you can get back to you’re normal self. You don’t need to say sorry, we’re friends. When and if you want to talk you’ll let me know. Looks like you did what we discussed. I saw a photo. Don’t be a stranger. Take care. Be Strong. 🙂

  1. Nice image, Gav! It’s quite rhythmic and musical to my eyes. You have the regular beat or tempo from the lines on the wall and all the little flourishes of the different instruments in there too! Very nicely accomplished! Be well, Gav.

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