25 thoughts on “shadow & light

  1. Your pics are beautiful…do you walk around with camera in hand just waiting for that special shot or you just shoot whatever feels right?

  2. I was introduced to shadows and light a few years ago also…using instagram. I didn’t actually get “the gift” of being a visual artist, but I appreciate others who have “the gift”…

    1. Yes.
      I started with rust. Then went onto light & shadow. Then went onto night photography.
      But i still like all of my styles.
      thank you.

      1. Hey, thank YOU. 2018 hit me like a Mac truck and my camera and my entire rig (all of my vintage film lenses, etc.) have been sitting in my bag collecting dust. Few people inspire me as much as you- for obvious reasons- so thanks for really inspiring me lately. I charged my batteries yesterday and I’m slowly making my way to the front door. 🙂

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