10 thoughts on “twenty

  1. You’re under such stress I would think fasting would add to the difficulties. Look at why you are doing a fast, is it to punish yourself? You are dealing with so much right now. Your body and mind need nourishment. Just a thought. I want you strong to deal with the daily struggle. Comments from the heart,no judgement. You’re a survivor! Tomorrow you will be even stronger. XO

      1. You are surrounded by people that care and want you to succeed. I believe in you. You have a good heart and your taking responsibility. Do the right thing for you, your kids and others, you’ll be rewarded. He’s always watching, knows when we rise above and knows we need a hand. We’ll keep praying. XO

  2. Come over my blog and answer me two questions if you could! Which colour (in the pictures) suite me best and which colour is the best for my soul( in ur opinion)

  3. Fasting joined the prayer or meditation can be beneficial as a cure
    A few years ago now, I made this for a week to stop smoking, only drinking herbal tea with honey. That was successful, I have decreased my consumption.
    But to lose weight, it is not too much solution !

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