in the mall…




the christmas shopping rush has already started here.
so many people, like robots, buy, buy, buy.
i’m not against christmas, just not keen on the emotional pressure that can go with it.
i also obstain from ‘over-eating’ during the period, by fasting for a few days.
…mean while i watch the frantic people purchasing items…


10 thoughts on “in the mall…

  1. Christmas shopping is always; making sure the car is plugged in the night before, dressing warm and then carrying all the winter clothing with me in the mall while I shop. It seems so odd to see people dressed in summer clothes in your photos hahaha.

    1. they are wearing ‘flip-flops’.
      they are called ‘thongs’ here. lol.
      Jandels in New Zealand.

      I would love to have a white christmas. very had one.

      Hugs, Gavin.

  2. I love the idea of balance you bring to the season – watching the over indulgences and being mindful by fasting – a terrific idea. We already have everything we need in the “1st world” — sad that our desire for excess comes at high price – the lives lived in poverty to support our demands.

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