say my name

How many intelligent couples, that I’ve befriended have the thing of calling each other ‘babe’.

The ‘cringe’ factor is overwhelming +++

But when I look back to my last relationship, (of three years), I was never called by my name, and it really got to me in the end. I got so angry and pissed off.

I was mostly called ‘guy’ or ‘sexy guy’.

The list is long: Hon, love, lovey, pet, sweety, baby, babe, sweet pea, petal, honey…etc.

The actual reason I was not being called by my name was…they did it because I was someone in there head, idealised, not the real me.

But when I see intelligent couples calling each other ‘babe’ I freak out.

My best friend, who has been married for many years, call each other by name only. This is healthy communication. Real & honest.