following on from my ‘Alva Noto’ post, here is the genre of music he comes from.

Autechre are by far my favourite ‘Glitch’ artists.

i really like the discordant sounds, and all the bleeps and scratches.
glitch is so much the soundtrack to my life, as it fits so well with PTSD.

we once had a man (at the back of where i live) who used to make his own glitch music with a CD player that would skip and loop.
it was both interesting and annoying, because it go on into the middle of the night (Summer).



one needs to know your Roman numerals, otherwise you won’t be able to navagate through the vast Fax Records catologue.

this is a track by: Pete Namlook & Ludwig Rehberg

i’ve been a fan of ambient music since the 80’s, and Fax Records has played a big part in that journey.

at my last count i had 66 albums…and still collecting.

some of the music can be a bit boring, but there are many gems to be found if you are willing to persevere.

The Putney





Oneohtrix Point Never

one of the reasons I blog about music is, that music is my main passion.

photography second, and film third.

I’m also a passionate music appreciation person.
i.e. I made myself listen to a ‘Tiesto’ album yesterday. LOL !

Oneohtrix Point Never is yet another very talented and interesting artist.

I first noticed him when he released and  album on Warp called R Plus Seven.


I’ve just listened to all of his albums, and it was both challenging and enjoyable.

as a kid I was exposed to a lot of different music like the soundtrack to The Pajama Game & Engelbert Humperdinck…then as a teenager, I was exposed to classical music and also jazz. since that time mu appreciation of music goes far and wide.

I listen to a hell of a lot of electronic music, as it’s my main stay when out and about on the mp3 player….kind of like a soundtrack to ‘life’ as sedge808.

his music is very difficult to pin-down, in that there is such a mix of styles, one cannot name one (apart from electronic).


some distant memory – electronic

I don’t know
If we could get lost in a city this size if we wanted to
And I don’t know
If I could survive without seeing you
And every time I see your face
I feel out of place

It’s so easy, why are you leaving?
Is it just because I’ve grown afraid of you?
I wish we were at the beginning
It would be so good to be with you

See that girl? She’s over there
I don’t need her, she don’t care
I could be one in a million
It would be so good to start again


i was going to do my fave albums of all time, but have decided to do songs instead.
this song is by Bernard Sumner & ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.

the part about growing afraid of you (ones wife/partner) relates to me a lot.

my PTSD was particularly pernicious in relationships, as, over time i would become more afraid/angry in a relationship as the PTSD kicked in.

this had nothing to do with the other person, but with my traumatic past.

all very painful for both parties.


music that i love

Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2]


i’m a huge fan of electronic music.

it started in the 80’s with The Human League & Depeche mode. then progressed to bands like orbital & autechre & pete manlook & klaus schulze.

the love affair continues as there is an endless amount of music to exlpore and enjoy.


autechre – the ligeti of electronic music

one of my top five electronic bands is autechre.
i have all their albums & singles.

the are from the uk and are on warp records.

many people find (a lot of) their music discordant.
i’m the opposite. i enjoy the music intensely. (maybe avoid if i have a head-ache lol!).

i don’t really like popular music…mostly because it is overly played i.e. the four seasons by vivaldi is brilliant, but has been played to death due to the copy write laws. (50 years after death is a free-for-all).

incunabula was their first album. “incunabel” in latin, means “first” or “first pressing of a book”.


they have cool names for their songs, which have varied meanings

i.e. kalpol introl: (track 1. from incunabula)
• “calpol” is the name of a popular children’s cough syrup in the uk/ireland.
i don’t really have a fave album but i’ve listened to ep7 the most.