following on from my ‘Alva Noto’ post, here is the genre of music he comes from.

Autechre are by far my favourite ‘Glitch’ artists.

i really like the discordant sounds, and all the bleeps and scratches.
glitch is so much the soundtrack to my life, as it fits so well with PTSD.

we once had a man (at the back of where i live) who used to make his own glitch music with a CD player that would skip and loop.
it was both interesting and annoying, because it go on into the middle of the night (Summer).

autechre – the ligeti of electronic music

one of my top five electronic bands is autechre.
i have all their albums & singles.

the are from the uk and are on warp records.

many people find (a lot of) their music discordant.
i’m the opposite. i enjoy the music intensely. (maybe avoid if i have a head-ache lol!).

i don’t really like popular music…mostly because it is overly played i.e. the four seasons by vivaldi is brilliant, but has been played to death due to the copy write laws. (50 years after death is a free-for-all).

incunabula was their first album. “incunabel” in latin, means “first” or “first pressing of a book”.


they have cool names for their songs, which have varied meanings

i.e. kalpol introl: (track 1. from incunabula)
• “calpol” is the name of a popular children’s cough syrup in the uk/ireland.
i don’t really have a fave album but i’ve listened to ep7 the most.