Amazon’s ‘Tales from the Loop’: Season 1 Full Recap ☆☆☆☆☆

This TV show is brilliant and the best I’ve seen in a while.

I love all the 1950’s references and 50’s props and clothes. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

Pasadena Art & Science Beat

“Tales from the Loop” are a melancholy examination of the many aspects of love taking place between dimensions in a place where the science fiction of happenstance takes different people outside of the normal life in small town Mercer, Ohio.

“Tales of the Loop” are based on Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag’s 2014 eponymous book of futuristic digital images. Transferring the action to the fictional Midwestern town of Mercer, the timeline flashes between the 1950s. At the center is the discovery of a sphere called the Eclipse and the landscape is littered with decades of experiments linked to the particle accelerator at Mercer Center for Experimental Physics which breaks up time and can open portals to parallel universes. This isn’t the physics of the real universe, but the “fringe physics” of science fiction and imagination.

Similar to the American classic play, “Our Town,” each episode has a person step forward to tell their…

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