thank God

the last four years have been rather stressful for me.

the “us” and “them” rhetoric produces a lot of anxiety for me.

we are all in this thing called ‘life’. we are all connected, whether we like it or not.

time to start the healing process. time for a calm president. time for a rational president. time to relax after four years of anxiety.


4 thoughts on “thank God

  1. 2021 is here and only a few days away from reality. Promises, promises, promises…let’s see what happens. Don’t forget they are all politicians. So far 2021 has been going backwards at neck breaking speed. Wowa! I am saddled in and along for the ride and that is not a lie. P.S. Here in the US your video was censored. Something to think about? Blessings and take care!

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