say my name

How many intelligent couples, that I’ve befriended have the thing of calling each other ‘babe’.

The ‘cringe’ factor is overwhelming +++

But when I look back to my last relationship, (of three years), I was never called by my name, and it really got to me in the end. I got so angry and pissed off.

I was mostly called ‘guy’ or ‘sexy guy’.

The list is long: Hon, love, lovey, pet, sweety, baby, babe, sweet pea, petal, honey…etc.

The actual reason I was not being called by my name was…they did it because I was someone in there head, idealised, not the real me.

But when I see intelligent couples calling each other ‘babe’ I freak out.

My best friend, who has been married for many years, call each other by name only. This is healthy communication. Real & honest.

22 thoughts on “say my name

  1. Interesting, I think for me it’s habot from watching my grandparents. My granny would say honey, so I say honey or his name. It’s intersting that you firgured out what was going on in his head and worked thru the break up. Your getting stronger every day. 🙂

  2. Interesting, I call my BF “babe” and I always feel the other people around me cringe, but I can’t help it. I’ve never seen it stated in writing like this, but it’s weird? Isn’t it? Ugh. Not sure how to keep it from happening, like when you don’t want to say something and then it’s all you can say. Great post. Fun!

  3. You forgot the “bae” thing.

    I think the usage of these names is a clear sign of affection towards the other person. However, how many people call their partner love and whatsoever. And at the end of the relationship, it became a nightmare? The problem isn’t the names, but if you truly mean it from your heart, and therefore, if you see the real person in front of you.

  4. I don’t like all pet names…
    …but I have been called “gorgeous” and “little lady” by one of my boyfriends…which was lovely.
    Another called me “darling” a lot.
    My current boyfriend says “mate” all the time, which is funny because he says that to everyone. I wouldn’t mind if he differentiated me with a different pet name…but it has to be one that feels right, otherwise it would jar.

  5. Nice post! I’ve always called you Gavin… well except that time I didn’t. In that case I really hope you don’t remember that.🥺

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