Lockdown = over-eating

Somewhere in March 2020, here in Australia, things were locked down due to Covid 19.

This massive change triggered my over-eating obsession. Every day (lunch time), I would buy a large ammount of food, and gorge myself.

I first noticed the obsession with food around age 19. I was addicted to chocolate and would eat large ammouts each day. This also included other unhealthy foods as well as chocolate.

This problem was a three fold issue…

1. Addiction to drugs and alcohol.

2. Addiction to over-eating.

3. Sex and love addiction.

All three were out of control big time. They would also effect all aspects of my life.

I vividly remember me as a young child, being obsessed with sweets. If I heard a wrapper, I would come running to see if it was sweets. My family used to laugh at me because of my behavior.

So back to the lockdown….i felt like I had nothing to look forward to, and that’s when I turned to food.

I’ve put on about 1o to 15 kilograms!!!

My correct weight should be between 80 and 85 kilograms.

So I’m finally addressing the issue head on.

I fast between breakfast and diner, thus avoiding the huge meal at lunch time. This seems to be working, for now, so I will stick to it.

I’ve heard that other people are also putting on weight with the lockdown…which is very understandable. It’s a stressful time for all of us.

By writing this, I’m hoping that it will help with my commitment.


21 thoughts on “Lockdown = over-eating

  1. That’s a great photo, looks good to me, healthy. When things settle down you be ok. I luv choc too, now the Aus Gov. given me more money, what to spend on….extravagant food, fat me, fat doggie, not good for the dog.

  2. I weighed 115 kg too, but my friend who is sick can no longer cook.
    So I do it and since I do it I lost 15 kg.
    my weight shape is 95 kg.
    In your situation you should focus on chocolate.
    It’s good for morale.

  3. I gained weight in later life too. My weight loss strategy is to cut out flour, dairy and sugar and have my main meal at lunchtime so I have time to burn it off before sleeping. I sometimes skip supper. I lost 30 kg that way.

  4. and you composed a delicious photograph here…enjoy a lovely lunch Gavin…I going to try and grow some lettuce and radishes…see how that goes 💚 big hugs for your Friday ☺️🌷🤗

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