plague = depression

Ever since they shut all the libraries and all the churches, I’ve been experiencing depression.

The libraries were my sanctuary, and church was my community.

The depression has gotten worse and worse since that time, somewhere in March 2020.

Now I’m finding it difficult to do anything, so I find myself sitting in the park with the birds and the flowers for hours…

I’ve reread Victor Frankel’s ‘man’s search for meaning’ twice…just to get a different perspective of this endless apathy and heaviness.

I cope better with anxiety than I do with depression. Somehow I can manage anxiety better….but with depression I lack the resources to deal with it. Cope with it.

In terms of the plague, Australia is doing really well in stopping the spread, but that information doesn’t help me while I’m depressed.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Frankel’s ‘will to meaning’ is both the problem and the solution. I see no meaning in my suffering with heavy depression, but need to find meaning in my suffering.

He says, this is imperative!

Sometimes that can be, just to get through the day, hour or minute. It also means to do it with dignity and respect for myself and others. The ‘higher’ meaning includes God and a surrender to ‘what is’, and accept fully my situation.

The plague is constantly in the news, which doesn’t help. The Spanish flu in 1918 did not get reported like things are done today, so I’m sure people would have been less anxious and more accepting, as they didn’t have all the mass media bombarding them. One is overwhelmed by news in 2020.


34 thoughts on “plague = depression

  1. I won’t presume to be in a position to give you advice of any kind facing the struggle you do, Gavin, but I can assure you of my support and prayers.

    1. Thank you for sharing. My solace is nature and being sick and in isolation makes me feel as if everything I love has been taken away. I empathize with you. I hope we both find new ways to find joy.

  2. Gavin, I would like to offer any support which could be helpful to you. Telephone or video conferencing, talking about photography, portfolios, plans and ideas regarding photography. I had depression before the plaque. But my new dog Boomer and photography save my soul in these days. And I have deleted all news apps. Instead I am buying a physical newspaper each second day. What a relief. Meeting Hedy in Berlin meant a lot to me. A personal contact makes such a big diffence. We talked about photography and life in general. And we had a good laugh. These 2 hours still mean a lot to me. The world is just a few clicks away. I have seen enough of your soul through your blog to respond to your post. I am not sure if this post is of any help to you. But if you need a person to talk… give it a try. Stay safe and keep on rocking. Looking forward to your blog images. All the best and digg yourself out of this hole soon. Reinhold

    PS: can you express your feelings with your photos? I think you can!

      1. Sending more hugs to you all…I really miss hugging…been squeezing my critters a little more these days ☺️🙋‍♀️☀️ sending joy

  3. Sorry to hear this, Gavin….I empathise with you….I’m having to self-isolate, but photography has kept me sane

  4. You are not alone. Your struggles are also my struggles 👬. We wrestle with shadows when the light is near.

    I’ve stopped watching the news and have unsubscribed to all my news feeds. I’ve even unfollowed bloggers who are keep posting about the subject and it has helped. Talk to you later my friend.

    1. Thanks Terry. I’ve completely stopped seeing or hearing anything ‘Trump’. It’s the best decision I’ve made since he appeared on the news. And yes. I am aware of your depression. Go well and God bless. Gavin.

  5. Ahhhhh I do peek at twitter…no telly…music lots and lots…no words dear Gavin…sending you love and hugs…and a song ☀️💛🤗

      1. Oh good yes Snatam Kaur Khalsa, is an American singer, songwriter, author and a peace activist…I heard her first in a yoga class Mul Mantra…I feel peaceful when I listen too Gavin ☀️🤗 hugs from etown ☀️🙋‍♀️🤗

  6. I see lots of support and human interaction on offer for you in these replies Gavin. Embrace them. Act on them. They are the good stuff. Toward the light. Too much introspection/rumination isn’t. A slippery slope into the dark. Toward the bad stuff. Focusing on the bad, won’t be good for well- being. How wonderful that you have options/ positive choices on offer in these replies.Robyn

  7. O isolamento social quando experimentado por longos períodos de tempo pode afetar negativamente a saúde. Eles não são tão benéficos quanto os contatos. Para combater os efeitos, otimismo e os contatos sociais virtuais enquanto o confinamento durar. Eu sinceramente desejo que você encontre algum sentido em seu sofrimento.
    « Il n’y a pas de métamorphose sans douleur. » Frédéric Lenoir

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