8 thoughts on “Friday funnies

  1. Lots of quacks out too 🦆 these days 🤪 but kittens and cats always sweet … I like ducks too…and all the closures do effect us…hoping you’re hanging in…week 5 here 🤪☺️🤗 hugs Hedy

      1. Sunday we start week 6…I’m not bored but it’s a strange energy and winter is soooooooo looooooong always feels like cabin fever anyways…and from what we read it will be like this til June 1…I’m grateful to have a yard so we have more space to be outside and that I can drive to some secret spaces to let my dog run…we’re following the provincial protocols so…who knows…lots of uncertainty so I try to look at writers and theorists who look at how we will reopen and reimagine cities…goodness can come from this…there are intelligent beings…along with the quacks…so I don’t know Gavin…I’m arting my out 🤓☺️🤗 hugs Hedy

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