The Joker & The Lighthouse

Both of these films were very important and very anticipated for me.

Both were very confronting and disturbing.

The Joker faced mental illness ‘head on’ and I’m not even sure I want to see it again….a bit like ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’…another confronting film, but also brilliant.

I saw the lighthouse today….and after the film I asked the man sitting next to me what he thought of the film. He said: it was the second most disliked film he has ever seen. He also said: the psychotic-ness was particularly bad.

….and afterwards I remembered the joker was also rather psychotic.


Three of the things about the lighthouse are: It’s filmed in 1.19:1 ratio, using black and white film, and the actors rarely blinked. The non-blinking was very noticeable and made the film so much more intense.

The rampant alcohol consumption also reflected my past alcoholism….and I could really relate to the madness and mayhem.

With both films… If I was acting in the roles, I would be permanently scared, both emotionally and mentally….so hats off to these amazing actors which I know and love. The lighthouse was a bit like David Lynch, meets Lars Von Trier, meets Ingmar Bergman.

The soundtrack was absolutely brilliant.

Both films had me wondering….are films becoming more disturbing or not?



8 thoughts on “The Joker & The Lighthouse

  1. Interesting persecptive, most have trashed the movie and yet you were able to see the madness in you own life during similar times. I have not heard of the other movie. You are more of a movie buff than I am. I hope you have taken self care measures to get over the disturbing nature of the movies. Hugs. M

  2. Bertolt Brecht said, “Art is not a mirror for reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” I think Brecht would have appreciated the confrontational nature of these and other films (including those by other directors you mentioned – Lynch, VonTrier etc). I suppose the next question I would ask of these films is “How will they continue to ‘hammer’ and shape our society, our reality, our world? If we allow ourselves to be entertained by these films we will surrender and allow them to define and propagate the dangerous behaviors they portray. But if we can take a lesson from the viewing and understand that things do not have to be this way and look for opportunities in our reality, our society, our world to curb and change things for the better. This can happen both personally/privately and publicly. These films are brilliant for shining a light on issues that can be changed and we should watch them but not be entertained. IMHO.

  3. The lack of blinking is something I didn’t even notice! Definitely keeping my eyes open for that next time I watch. (There was no way to say that without a pun happening lol)

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