The Teflon President

Yesterday I was at church, (as per usual, on a Sunday).
The woman i was working with (morning tea) said: Donald Trump is the ‘Teflon president’, because he gets away with SO much stuff.

I would be very surprised if he gets Impeached…I just can’t see it happening…but I so love the title she gave him.

The Teflon President


10 thoughts on “The Teflon President

  1. Sad but true. The problem is that he has no moral center – no sense of shame – and he has shown to those who defend him (either out of belief or fear) that is the way you win – deny deny deny – deflect deflect deflect – accuse someone else. I was always troubled when he first ran for president and the chants at his rallies of “lock her up” regarding his opponent. It would be the deepest irony if he was the one locked up. Fingers crossed. But I suspect he will use his brand of scorched earth politics to bring down everyone and everything including America itself (if we let it).

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