terrorist attack in New Zealand

Yesterday afternoon i was watching TV and the news suddenly came on about a terrorist attack in Christchurch. 50 people were innocently shot in two Mosques by one man. And 48 people had been injured. Since it had just happened the only footage was of multiple ambulances arriving at emergency hospital.

I had to ‘pinch’ myself to realize this wasn’t America, or some horrendous suicide bombing in Syria.

Christchurch was devastated by earthquakes in 2011. And now this.

I was particularly impressed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and how she used all the right words to express herself.


17 thoughts on “terrorist attack in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand was the last place I would’ve expected something as awful as this to happen. Just shows that no community is immune from hate, prejudice and terrorism.

  2. It’s so sad. She was very brave and straightforward and appeared on TV, assuring the nation that it is on correct path. Bravo. Do visit my website insightful.co.in and leave your thoughts.

  3. James 1:19 reminds me that “man’s anger does not bring about God’s righteousness.” This terrible tragedy sickens me and I have hope that God will soon rid this world of the ungodly people that do things like this (Psalms 37:10,11).

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