18 thoughts on “Monorail cats

  1. Ok, wait- I just saw you say to somebody else ^up there^ that these photos aren’t yours, Gav. Well I didn’t know any better. 😉 I swear – you could have pulled them off as your own. Which says a good bit about your professionalism. I’m just itching to know what lens the photog. used for #4- that bokeh is just sooo good. Thanks for sharing the collection still. Really great collection. x

      1. Yes, they are. That bokeh, man! Thanks for sharing them too, because no matter if they were yours or somebody else’s- the fact is, had I not seen them at your place, I wouldn’t have been inspired in such a way that I want to go out shooting again. No kidding, when I saw them, I had the immediate reaction that I want to shoot again- 1st time in many months. So, thanks again. x

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